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農学部(Faperta) 科目一覧
Principle of Seed Science and Technology (3単位)
Fundamentals of Plant Biotechnology (3単位)
Post Harvest for Agriculture Crops (3単位)
Seed Storage and Seed Testing (3単位)
Beverages, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (3単位)
Field Trip (1単位)
Introduction to Soil Science (3単位)
Soil Fertility (3単位)
Introduction to Plant Virology (2単位)
Biocontrol and Habitat Management (3単位)
Integrated Control of Plant Pest and Disease (3単位)
Principles of Landscape Architecture (3単位)
Plants in the Landscape (3単位)
Landscape of Agriculture (2単位)
Greenery Open Space (3単位)
Landscape Management (3単位)

農業工学部・食料科学技術(Fateta-FST) 科目一覧
Food Microbiology (2単位)
Basic food biochemsitry (3単位)
Principles of Food Engineering (3単位)
Food Fermentation Technology (2単位)
Food Safety and Sanitation (2単位)
Sensory Evaluation of Foods (3単位)
Characteristics of Food Materials (3単位)
Food Packaging and Storage (2単位)
Functional Foods (3単位)
Food Additives (2単位)


農学部(Faperta) 科目一覧ウェブ情報
Principles of Ecology (3単位)
Principles of Plant Protection (2単位)
Soil Management (3単位)
Introduction to Fisheries Science* (2単位)
Principles of Fish Technology (2単位)
Production of Annual Crops (3単位)
Crop Physiology (3単位)
Seminar (1単位)



農学部(Fp) 科目一覧
Rubber Plant Production (2単位)
Practicum of Rubber Plant Production (2単位)
Lowland Management (2単位)
Practicum of Lowland Management (2単位)
Integrated Pest and Desease Management (2単位)
Plant Nutrition* (3単位)
Plant Biotechnology* (2単位)
Pesticides and Application Technique* (3単位)
Soil and Water Conservation* (3単位)
Traditional Processing Technology For Fishery Products (3単位)
Swamp Buffalo Farming (3単位)



農学部・熱帯農学国際プログラム(TAIP) 科目一覧

Principles of Biology (3単位)
Laboratory in Biology (1単位)
Introduction to Tropical Agriculture (3単位)
General Botany (3単位)
Soil Science (3単位)
Introductory Pathology (3単位)
Food Sanitation (3単位)
Principles of Tropical Agronomy (3単位)
Paradigm in Agricultural Extension (3単位)
Tropical Entomology (3単位)
Tropical Field Crop Production for Food,Feed and Fuel (3単位)
Animal Resources and Management (3単位)
Introductory Physiology of Domestic Animals / Physiology of Crop Production / Physiology of Horticulture (3単位)

理学部(FoS) 科目一覧(準備中)

履修可能な科目情報を準備中です。2015年度派遣学生は「Introductory Applied Mathematics」を履修しました。2016年現在,AIMSプログラムとしてKUから認定されるためには,1-2科目は上記TAIPから履修する必要があります。


環境科学関連科目(Environment Related Courses) 科目一覧
The World of Science (3単位)
Life and Energy (3単位)
Introduction to Human Geography (3単位)
Disaster in Modern World (3単位)
Herbs for Health and Beauty (3単位)
Biotechnology and Modern World (3単位)※2017年度は開講せず

Faculty of Science
The World of Science (3単位)
Life and Energy (3単位)
Calculus for Engineering (3単位)
Physics for Engineering and Agro-Industry Students 1 (3単位)
Mathematics and Science in Civilization (3単位)
Eating Well: Better Living and Disease Prevention (3単位)
Information Technology and Modern Life (3単位)
Physics I (3単位)
Elementary Statistics (3単位)

Faculty of Social Science
Introduction to Human Geography (3単位)
Disaster in Modern World (3単位)
Introduction to Atmosphere (3単位)
Contemporary Theories in Social Sciences (3単位)
Religions and Social Changes (3単位)
Research Methods in Social Sciences (3単位)
Popular Culture in Southeast Asia (3単位)
Transnationalism and Social Issues (3単位)
Poverty and Health (3単位)
Economic Development and Spatial Integration (3単位)
Resource Management and Development (3単位)

Faculty of Business Administration
Finance for Daily Life (3単位)
Personal Financial Management (3単位)

Faculty of Economics
Economics for Everyday Life (3単位)
Principles of Economics 1 (3単位)

Faculty of Mass Communication
Introduction to Communication (3単位)
News and Current Affairs Reporting (3単位)

Faculty of Pharmacy
Herbs for Health and Beauty (3単位)

Faculty of Humanities
Psychology and Daily Life (3単位)

Faculty of Law
Introduction to Law (3単位)

Faculty of Engineering
Engineering Materials (3単位)
Engineering Drawing (3単位)


Faculty of Science(FoS) 科目一覧(通年科目については確認が必要です。)
Major in Biology
Diversity of Life (4単位)
Skills in Biological Sciences (4単位)
Plant Form and Function (4単位)
Animal Form and Function (4単位)
Cells, Biomolecules and Microbiology (4単位)
Genetics (4単位)
Cell Biology (4単位)
Microbiology (4単位)
Population Genetics, Systematics and Evolution (4単位)
Conservation and Management of Living Resources (4単位)
Biochemistry (4単位)
Molecular Genetics (4単位)
Seed Plant Taxonomy and Diversity (4単位)
Climate Change Biology (4単位)
Tropical Parasitology (4単位)
Plant Ecophysiology (4単位)
Population, Community and Ecosystem Ecology (4単位)
Herpetology (4単位)
Plants and People (4単位)
Current Trends in Life Sciences (4単位)
Major in Chemistry
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (4単位)
Chemistry of the Environment (4単位)
Transition Metal Chemistry (4単位)
Fundamental Groups in Organic Chemistry (4単位)
Chemical Thermodynamics and Applications (4単位)
Principles of Analytical Chemistry (4単位)
Semiconductors as Photocatalysts (2単位)
Inorganic Materials Chemistry (2単位)
Reactive Intermediates in Organic Syntheses (2単位)
Bio-Organic Chemistry (2単位)
Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy (2単位)
Modern Analytical Techniques (2単位)
Environmental Chemistry (4単位)
Major in Computer Science
Programming Fundamentals 1 (4単位)
Algorithms and Data Structures (4単位)
Databases (4単位)
Software Engineering (4単位)
Internet Application Development (4単位)
Robot Programming (4単位)
Machine Perception (4単位)
Major in Geology
Introduction to Crystallography and Mineralogy (4単位)
Introduction to Geology (4単位)
Structural Geology (4単位)
Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic rocks (4単位)
Geochemistry (4単位)
Earth Processes (4単位)
Advanced Sedimentology (4単位)
Petroleum Geology (4単位)
Seismic Methods (4単位)
Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology (4単位)
Igneous & Metamorphic Petrogenesis (4単位)
Major in Mathmatics
Mathematical Methods for the Sciences (4単位)
Discrete Mathematics (4単位)
Ordinary Differential Equations (4単位)
Linear Algebra and its Applications (4単位)
Complex Analysis (4単位)
Combinatorics and Graph Theory (4単位)
Applied Mathematical Modelling I (4単位)
Mathematical Modelling (4単位)
Mechanics (4単位)
Functional Analysis (4単位)
Real Analysis (4単位)
Advanced Probability (4単位)
Applied Statistics (4単位)
Basic Calculus (4単位)
Geometry (4単位)
Major in Applied Physics
Classical Mechanics (4単位)
Electronics: Analogue and Digital (4単位)
Introduction to Computational Physics (4単位)
Characterisation and Evaluation of Materials (4単位)
Energy Generation, Storage and Distribution (4単位)
Nuclear and Particle Physics (4単位)
How Things Work : The Physics of Everyday Life (4単位)

Faculty of Integrated Technologies(FIT) 科目一覧
※Systems Engineeringカリキュラムはこちら,Chemical and Process Engineeringカリキュラムはこちらを参照してください。

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences(FASS) 科目一覧

School of Business and Economics(SBE) 科目一覧


  • 講義は原則としてすべて英語で行われます。
  • 派遣期間(秋学期)に開講される授業科目のみを掲載しています。
  • 語学等、周辺科目を履修できる場合もあります。