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Application Process

Preparation until Application

  1. Look over the researchers' information of IUCA to know who will accord with your interests and your research plan. You can also get information of our research field in the Application Guidelines for DDP. Check the application process carefully with this guideline book.
  2. If you are intended to apply DDP, you must firstly consult to your supervisor, who will supervise you in your master program. You should also make a contact to the staffs in charge of DDP at your home university because only few or several students per year can be accepted from each universities.
  3. If approved, make a contact with your preferable supervisor and coordinator at IUCA.

Above processes should be done until June.


  1. Throughout discussions between you and both supervisor of you, make up your research plan in both IUCA and your home university. At the same time, check the compatibility between major courses in your home university and IUCA's ones.
  2. Communicate with IUCA coordinator and prepare all application documents.
  3. Send the electronic files to IUCA coordinator until late July.
  4. If you have been making any mistakes on your application documents, IUCA coordinator will inform you.
  5. Correct your documents and send your documents to IUCA by EMS. IUCA coordinator will appreciate you if you could inform the track number of your mail.
  6. Prepare to the interview exam via VoIP software.

Note: Even though your duration of visiting to IUCA is one year, you must be registered in IUCA master program for two years at least. Thus, during this two years, you should also be registered in your home university.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Excel file of application form
  2. Electronic file of high-resolution ID photo
  3. PDF file of examination-admission card and photo card (no need to attache your photo)
  4. Excel file of motivation letter
  5. PDF file of academic records transcript in English (legal copy)
  6. PDF file of graduation or completion certificate in English (legal copy)
  7. PDF file of recommendation letter from your supervisor at home university
  8. Word file of agreement letter (IUCA coordinator will receive the signature from your supervisor at IUCA

Note: The original documents of academic transcript, graduation certificate and recommendation letter should be mailed to "Chuou 3-21-1, Ami, Ibaraki 300-0393, College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University, Dr. Nobuo Sakagami" by EMS.

Key Dates

[Key dates for FY 2017]
May-July: please make contact with your preferable supervisors (both in your university and IUCA) and staffs in chage of DDP.
Early August: pre-entry by submitting soft copies of your application documents.
09th August: dead line for sending your documents to IUCA.
22nd August: Interview examination via teleconference.

Contact Persons

Ibaraki University

Dr. Nobuo Sakagami, DDP & AIMS coordinator

Institut Pertanian Bogor

Dr. Eko Hari Purnomo, Director of Collaboration and International Programs
Prof. Dr. Nahrowi, Secretary of Magister Program

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Dr. Donny Widianto, Head of Master Course Program in Biotechnology
Dr. Irfan D prijambada, Faculty of Agriculture

Universitas Udayana

Dr. I Putu Sudiarta, Faculty of Agriculture
Prof. Dr. Dewa N Suprapta, Faculty of Agriculture

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