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Double Degree Program

About Double Degree Program

In the College of Agriculture, Ibaraki University (IUCA), the Asia Applied Agriculture Course is designed for those who wish to receive a graduate education in English.
This course consists of two separate programs; one is for students who wish to obtain a master's degree from Ibaraki University (below), and the other for students who wish to obtain two master's degrees: one from Ibaraki University and the other from their home universities (DD curricula). The education program for obtaining two degrees, referred to as the Double Degree Program (DDP), is based on the memorandum of agreement (MoA) concluded between the Graduate School of Agriculture, Ibaraki University, and the graduate schools of foreign universities (Bogor Agricultural University, Gadjah Mada University, and Udayana University in the Republic of Indonesia). Thus, DDP applicants must be admitted for graduate study at any of the above three Indonesian universities before applying for the course offered by Ibaraki University.

IUCA Curriculum (Asia Applied Agriculture Course, >30)

Master Thesis (14 credits)

Thesis of IU (10)
Seminar (3)
Presentation (1)

IU Common Subjects (>2 credits)

Overview of Agricultural Science toward Regional Sustainability (1)
Water Environmental Science in Lake Kasumigaura and Watershed (1)

IUCA Common Subjects (3 credits)

Asian Agriculture (1)
Scientific Literacy (1)
English Presentation (1)

Applied Subjects (>2 credits)

Statistics (1)
Capacity Development (1)
Agricultural Extension (1)
Field Practiece in Tropical Agriculture (1)
Practice for Regional Sustainability (1)
Field Experimental Course in Japanese Agriculture (1)

Specialized Subjects (>4 credits from main module, >3 credits from other modules)

Agronomy Module
Advanced Crop Science (1)
Advanced Horticultural Science (1)
Advanced Plant Breeding (1)
Advanced Biorelation Chemistry (1)
Advanced Plant Protection (1)
Animal Science Module
Advanced Animal Breeding (1)
Advanced Animal Nutrition (1)
Advanced Animal Management (1)
Advanced Animal Hygiene (1)
Advanced Animal Functional Anatomy (1)
Advanced Animal Cell Engineering (1)
Plant and Microbial Sciences Module
Advanced Plant Biochemistry (1)
Advanced Microbiology (1)
Advanced Chemical Ecology (1)
Advanced Microbial Ecology (1)
Advanced Natural Product Chemistry (1)
Food and Life Sciences Module
Advanced Food Biochemistry (1)
Advanced Food Processing (1)
Advanced Food Functionality (1)
Advanced Biochemistry (1)
Advanced Biotechnology (1)
Agricultural Engineering Module
Advanced Soil and Geotechnical Engineering (1)
Applied Hydrology (1)
Advanced Biosystems Engineering (1)
Advanced Water Quality Purification (1)
Rural Economics Module
Applied Economics (1)
Advanced Agricultural Policy (1)
Advanced Rural Development (1)
Advanced Agro-informatics (1)
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